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Dublin 20th June - Appeal Court Increases Bid-rigging Fine.

The Court of Criminal Appeal today increased the fine imposed on a former company director for his role in a bid-rigging cartel from €7,500 to €45,000. The original sentence was appealed by the Director of Public Prosecutions. The Court found that the original fine was "unduly lenient". The lower court had also imposed a three month suspended prison sentence on the man for obstructing the CCPC investigation and disqualified him from acting as a company director for five years. Compecon had advised the CCPC on the case.

Gijon 5th May - Bonus Points Led to More Balanced Matches in European Rugby Cup.

Compecon's Patrick Massey presented a paper to the Annual Gijon Sports Economics Conference which showed that bonus points had resulted in closer (more balanced) matches in rugby's European cup competition. The paper was co-authored with Dr Robbie Butler of UCC.

International Journal of Sport Finance 14th February - Revenue Sharing, Salary Caps and Competitive Balance in Rugby.

Joint selling and revenue sharing along are generally prohibited under competition. However, many sports leagues sell their TV broadcast rights collectiely and share the proceeds among their member clubs. Some leagues also have salary caps which essentially limit the amount that clubs can pay their players. Leagues have frequently justified such practices as being necessary to ensure competitive balance and thus maintain supporter interest. In an article co-authored with Dr Vincent Hogan of UCD, Compecon's Patrick Massey looks at the effect of the introduction of revenue sharing and salary caps in the English Rugby Premiership. The introduction of professionalism in rugby in 1995 resulted in a major upheaval in the sport. Competitive balance declined in both the English and French leagues. However, as clubs continued to pay players more, two English Premiership clubs went into administration in 1999. The league introduced revenue sharing and a salary cap to prevent further club collapses. The study finds that competitive balance improved in English rugby following the introduction of such measures.

Competitive Balance: Results of a Natural Experiment from Rugby Union, International Journal of Sport Finance, 13(1) February 2018. To access a copy of this article click here. 

Dublin 9th February - CCPC Announces Public Consultation on Household Waste Collection Market.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) announced that it was conductingn a public consultation as part of its ongoing study of the household waste collection market.

Brussels 24th January - EU Commission Fines Qualcomm €997 million.

The EU Commission has found that Qualcomm abused its dominant position in the market for LTE baseband chipsets. The Commission ruled that Qualcomm had prevented rivals from competing in the market by making significant payments to a key customer (Apple) on condition it would not use chipsets produced by Qualcomm's rivals in its tablets and smartphones. The Commission fined Qualcomm €997 million. It is the first Commission decision in an abuse of dominance case since the CJEU overturned its findings in Intel in September 2017.

Brussels 18th January - EU Commission Welcomes New Payment System Rules.

The EU Commission has issued new requirements designed to ensure the independence of payment card schemes and processing entities, to enhance competition in the card payment market. Retailers will be able to choose the most suitable processor for their card transactions, to the benefit of consumers.

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